A place to be forgotten in Heidelberg, Germany


A place to be forgotten in Heidelberg, Germany

Departing from Heidelberg, Germany, heading for Lake Constance, let the heart freely gallop along the way, this is Germany’s “Journey of the Immortals”.

The hidden scenery makes all the shackles become a bubble, the distant dreams are actually in the palm of your hand, still not hurrying to start?

銆€銆€Looking for the tourist treasures of southwestern Germany, the “Spirit of the Immortals” is the latest tourist route in southwestern Germany. The most beautiful cities in Pakistan are displayed in front of you.

The line runs from Heidelberg in the north and stretches more than 400 kilometers to the south until the Lake Constance, where Germany, Switzerland and Austria meet.

Several major attractions combine the most beautiful and best tourist scenery in Germany, with their own characteristics, but they are all beautiful.

Along the way you can visit Germany’s oldest university town, the gorgeous spa centre, Germany’s largest inland lake and the castle of the last German monarch.

銆€銆€The dream is out of reach, the catch is not tight, the catch is not strong, the road of the fairy tale of the Bavarian State of Germany, but the soapy bubble-like dreams are connected by a rope, you can explore it by walking along it.The hidden scenery in the southwest.

Nine cities on the rope, nine foams have different landscapes, but they play the same tone, and the dreamy feeling points to the Neckar River, the Black Forest, etc., extending for 400 kilometers, which is decorated with different sounds for this waltz.

Heidelberg 鈥?鈥淭he place where the heart is forgotten鈥?鈥淭he Journey of the Immortals鈥?starts from Heidelberg in the north. This is the oldest university town in Germany. It is located on the banks of the Neckar River and has a famous palace. It is Aichingdorf, Brentano andOne of the birthplaces of German romanticism represented by Karl Marley von Weber and others.

Today, under the influence of this tradition, Heidelberg participates in some music festivals of the funeral population from time to time.

At night, in front of the tourists is a charming and quaint city, while college students hold various cocktail parties to celebrate the end of the day.

銆€銆€Heidelberg, which has always had a romantic reputation, is not only a university town that the students are yearning for, but also a city of romantic charm that countless literati write.

As long as you visit Heidelberg, watch the old town on the banks of the Ka River, the red roofs, the elegant arched bridge across the Neckar River, and the castle’s heroic posture on the slopes of the Gaochun Mountain.Why Heidelberg made Goethe “a place to forget the heart.”

銆€銆€From the archaeological artifacts, Heidelberg was originally a settlement of the Celtes and later became a military fortress of the Roman Empire.

In the 12th century, after Heidelberg was bought by the lord, the castle was expanded and the castle was officially appeared in ancient books.

銆€銆€After the establishment of the university in Heidelberg in 1386, the towns expanded rapidly. Not only did the industry and trade gather, the economy prospered, but also became the European cultural and academic center at that time. Heidelberg gradually became the oldest university city in Germany.

銆€銆€To appreciate the charm of Heidelberg’s mountain city, it is necessary to go to the old bridge that was rebuilt in 1788, and look back at Heidelberg’s red-sloping sloping ancient city building. It is beautiful with the majestic Heidelberg Palace on the hillside!

If you walk to the other side of the Neckar River, the arched axis on the Neckar River is the foreground, and it is also the most typical charming style of Heidelberg.

銆€銆€Personal recommendation: Heidelberg Castle (13th-century architecture, expanded to form a mixture of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance), philosopher’s path (Heidelberg’s most famous viewing trail), Old Town (builtThe oldest university in Germany, the University of Heidelberg, T眉bingen, the traditional cultural town that mentions Oxford and Cambridge, must be associated with T眉bingen and Heidelberg.

Tubingen is another medieval university town on the Neckar River, where many great poets and thinkers such as Helderlin, Hegel and Hessen lived.

Along the tributaries of the Neckar River, many small alleys around the city government, until the palace on the mountain, such a walk is full of surprises and discoveries.

Boutique houses, antique shops, cabins, Swabian wineries and college pubs can be found everywhere, allowing you to experience authentic Tubingen.

Traveling down the Neckar River is a recommended repertoire.

銆€銆€The train squats through the endless stretches of the Black Forest Mountains, and as it gradually approaches T眉bingen, the mountains next to it seem to be more rustic and natural, closer to us.

Indeed, the landscape of T眉bingen is a natural aura, and the undeveloped traffic also keeps the remote towns in their true colors, so T眉bingen is still a cultural center in the traditional German sense.

銆€銆€Coming to the quaint Tubingen, it seems that 鈥渘atural鈥?is full of sloping ancient streets, and in the small old town, it happens to see the old wooden waterwheel.

Unlike other cities such as Freiburg, T眉bingen preserves the charm of antiques in its entirety and in detail.

As an authentic German-style university town with a small population, T眉bingen is completely distributed by the university’s architecture to the direction and pace of our vision.

銆€銆€The old city is in front of me. I can’t help but admire the people who live here: some old houses have beautiful patterns on the buildings, and some people go out at the doorstep to be a shallow stream. The river occasionallyThere are also fish swimming freely.

What is more enviable is the students here. The quaint building of a building may be the teaching building of a certain department. The whole city is full of books.

On the occasion of the farewell, in the tower of Holderlin House, silently recited the poems of Holderlin and Celan, and sang a song, “One person comes, to T眉bingen.”

銆€銆€Personal recommendation: 1, the market square (around the medieval style of wooden buildings, including the city hall – 15th century fine architecture); 2, the Peak Palace (the highlight is the Renaissance style door built in 1606,Now it houses the university’s department, exhibition hall and museum. 3, Neckar Bridge (the river view and the poet H?lderlin tower on the bridge) 4, the old lecture hall (once the center of the university) Linda — The End of Bliss Linda is a small town on the southwestern tip of Berlin, Germany. It is a small island surrounded by water and full of medieval architecture. It only takes five minutes to reach Austria and 15 minutes to Switzerland.The reputation of 鈥淕erman bliss end鈥?is a delightful and unforgettable holiday.

銆€銆€On the day of arriving at Linda, the weather was not good, and the game was discounted. I just started to walk out of the train station and saw the artistic train station building and the cobblestone street in front of the station.The goodwill of this small town.

銆€銆€When visiting this small island, we met Mr. Liu Zhuoxing, who runs a Chinese restaurant on the island. Due to its proximity to Switzerland and Austria, and the beautiful scenery of the lake, Linda has always been one of the paradise for Europeans.Moreover, due to the special geographical location of the area, it was saved from the bombing of the Second World War. The island preserved many historical buildings in the Middle Ages, such as the Priest Church and the Holy.

Stephen’s church is an ancient building of about 1000 years old.

銆€銆€In addition, when you walk in the small island street of Linda, which takes you about 2 hours, you will find that the streets on the island are still dominated by pebbles. This ancient idea is indeed rare in other German towns.You may see too many artistic statues and ornaments around you, and you really feel a little bit in the middle of the art town.

However, when you come to this island, it is not completely out of touch with reality. It seems that when you are on the most prosperous Maximilian Street on the island, the quaint buildings on both sides are full of fashionable clothing, furnishings and fine souvenirs of the building province.Shop, according to Mr. Liu, there is also a famous cosmetic surgery clinic on the island, and many Hollywood superstars have also visited it!

銆€銆€Personal recommendation: the old lighthouse (Mangturm) built in the 13th century, the 150-year-old new lighthouse, Collegiate Church and St.Stephen’s Church (1000 years old) is especially recommended: Hohenzollern Castle runs along the Swabian Mountain along the “School of the Immortals”, and the horizon gradually emerges with a solemn view – Hohenzollern Castle.

The castle is the palace city of the former King of Prussia and the last emperor of Germany.

Any time you look at the city from the city library, there is a recognized glory.

Through the main hall and the interlaced rooms, you can see the history of the Hohenzollern dynasty and visit the many treasures and crowns of the former Prussian king who have remained to this day.

銆€銆€When you see the old castle in Germany, most people say it will be called “New Swan Castle”. In fact, there are many castles in the southern part of Germany, and they are hidden in the hustle and bustle, not known to overseas travelers.

The Hohenzollern Castle, which is about 65 kilometers away from Stuttgart, is such a place.

The Hohenzollern Castle on the Swabian Alps is a magnificent castle owned by the Hohenzollern family of Prussia.

In the history books, the castle was recorded in 1061. After several destructions, it was rebuilt in 1850 according to Neo-Gothic style.

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Among them, Guangzhou to Munich (Shanghai Economic Stop) has seven shifts per week, and starting from June 8, all flights on the route are operated by the new Airbus A340_600, which is the longest passenger aircraft in the world.

Guangzhou is now the fourth destination for Lufthansa in China after Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

銆€銆€Airport: For foreign tourists, there are three international airports to choose from.

The San Francisco Airport is only 100 kilometers from the northernmost point of the “Spirit of the Wizards”.

In addition, Stuttgart, the capital of the Bavarian state in the heart of the line, also has numerous flights to and from major international airports in Europe and America.

The southern Konstanz is only 50 km from Zurich Airport, which has alternative flights around the world.

銆€銆€Cars, ferries, buses and trains: Nearly all cities on the “School of the Immortals” have highway access.

If you don’t want to miss any of the attractions, you need to set aside extra time.

The scenery along the northern Black Forest, the Swabian Foothills and Lake Constance is fascinating.

In addition, almost all of the attractions are connected to the network of the German Railways, Stuttgart and Heidelberg are also the transit stations for the ICE (intercity express train) high-speed train.

In addition, the attractions along Lake Constance have a marina, where passenger ships and high-speed ferry networks cover the entire lake.