Newborn swimming mystery

Newborn swimming mystery

Can newborn babies swim in the water?

What are the benefits of swimming?

  Q: Can newborns receive swimming training?

Should we scientifically advocate this approach?

  A: Newborn swimming is a new type of nursing program.

Simulate the environment of amniotic fluid of the mother’s uterus, let the baby take full body movement in the water, increase the intensity of muscle activity, regulate the speed of blood circulation, enhance the contractility of the heart muscle, increase the vital capacity, improve the immune system function, and promote the growth and development of the baby;Soothe, eliminate “loneliness”, “worry”, “fear” and so on, thereby promoting the healthy development of infant limbs.

Therefore, we strongly advocate the nursing program for newborns.

  Question: How long can newborns generally go into the water after swimming?

  Answer: It is normal to give birth or caesarean section every year, after 48 hours.

  Question: Is there any necessary preparations for the newborn to swim? Sometimes at Jiajia’s house, we see that a water-soluble solute is added to the swimming water. Is this necessary?

  A: First of all, we must make preparations for warmth. The room temperature for newborns should be between 26-28 ° C, and the water temperature should be maintained between 37-39 ° C.

When choosing heating equipment, you should pay attention. Do not use heating equipment such as Yuba, which will stimulate the eyes of newborns.

The newborn swimming pool must also be dedicated. When the water temperature is reached, a hydrosol is added to the water. This hydrosol is mimicked in the mother’s uterine environment and can clean and moisturize the skin complications of the newborn.
This spa solute is not needed for 1 month old babies.

  After doing these external preparations, it is necessary to give the child a buffering process.

We usually schedule the swimming time of newborns between two or three o’clock in the afternoon. At the same time, mothers need to breastfeed their children 1 hour in advance so that they have enough energy to swim.

  Q: Isn’t every newborn baby able to receive swimming training?

  A: In the hospital, newborn babies must undergo a rigorous physical examination by the doctor before entering the water to swim, including body temperature, skin color, and degree of umbilical cord placement.

Therefore, the first swimming is best under the guidance of a doctor.

  Q: How often should newborns swim?

  A: Newborns swim once a day for 10-20 minutes each time.

Allison’s mother has a habit, and every time after Allison swims, she touches. This is based on the baby’s ability to bear. Generally, the touch will be arranged in the morning, some staggered, so to avoidYour baby is overtired.