Cough Han Baohuo treatment four points

Cough “Han Baohuo” treatment four points

“The five internal organs and six internal organs are coughing.” The treatment of cough must be divided into yin and yang, superficial, cold, heat, and deficiency.
In exogenous cough, the three most common types are wind cold, wind heat, and surface cold.
The “cold-fire” cough, which is a kind of epidemic cold and heat, is extremely common clinically, and the cough is frequent and severe.
  ”Han Baohuo” syndrome in exogenous cough is common in acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis in western medicine.
“The second one is caused by exogenous wind chills, but the surface cold is not exhausted and the lungs are hot, which can also form a” cold fire “cough.
Because the internal heat is heavy and the external cold is felt, the symptoms are hot, coughing, thirsty drinking, cold chills, and pain.
  For the treatment of Han Baohuo, “scattered cold and clearing lung heat” should be the main method.
Just as the “Medical Psychology” states: “The cause of cough is the tenth of those with cold and cold.” “If there is fire in the lungs, the wind is easy to enter, and the cure should be solved and the lungs cleared.”
Clinically, Jing Fang Ma Xing Shi Gan Decoction is often used.
The author follows the experience of famous doctors and horses. In clinical practice, he chooses the ephedra powder that is cold, and the scutellaria scutellariae that clears the lungs, which is a compound prescription for the treatment of cough “cold fire”.
Ma Youdu pointed out: First, we must focus on a word “Xuan”.
Taking ephedra as the head, taking ephedra and Xinwen divergent wind and cold, Xuanfei cough and asthma.
Ephedra is the first medicine to treat cold, cold and asthma, especially after supplementing with Su Ye and windproof, its power of dispersing cold and demonstrating lungs is stronger. The combination of three medicines, spreading the cold together, makes cold evil no longer restrict the lungs and lungs.Anxiety, no upside down, cough and relieve itself.
The second word “Qing” is highlighted.
Headed by Scutellaria baicalensis, Scutellaria baicalensis treats lung-heat cough, and is the first medicine to clear the hotness of the lungs. Supplemented with Houttuynia cordata and Forsythia, the power of clearing lungs and detoxifying is stronger, the lungs are cleared, and the lungs are clear, Cough self-decreasing, this is the second measure to treat “Han Baohuo” cough.
The third manifests the word “hua”.
Selecting Chinese bellflower Xuanfei expectorant, combined with Xia Xia dry and expectorant, together to enhance sputum excretion, and can resolve sputum and fiery heat, prevent phlegm heat and block the lungs, in order to promote lung Qi Xuanchang, this is the first to cure coughThe principle of treating phlegm.
The fourth reflects the word “drop”.
Almonds, asters, and a small amount of millet shells are used to relieve cough and relieve cough. The combination of three medicines reflects the “reducing” antitussive.
The first three words of medication are: dispersing cold and expelling lungs, clearing heat and resolving phlegm, focusing on the cause and pathogenesis, focusing on the root cause, and the last word of medication is used to reduce cough and relieve cough, as well as treat the symptoms.
Finally, it is necessary to use licorice, which is not only a reconciliation medicine, but also a medicine that is good at relieving phlegm, relieving throat, and coughing.
  Inspection: Chen ×, male, 43 years old.
Chronic bronchitis for more than 10 years, asthma due to cold, asthma, exacerbation, sputum white and sticky yellow thick, not easy to cough, fever, cold limbs and back, thirsty mouth, thin and pale yellow tongue coating, floating pulse.
The card belongs to the “Han Baohuo” card.
Prescription: 10g ephedra, 10g almond, 30g gypsum, 10g pinellia, 15g scutellaria, 10g bellflower, 10g sage leaf, 5g licorice, 10g forsythia, 6g cicada, 10g aster, 10g asters, 10g perilla, 10g dried.
2 doses of cough were slightly reduced, and a total of 6 doses cured.