Germany Dongda Zengfei Pills


Germany Dongda Zengfei Pills

Commodity name: German Dongda Zengfei Pill Herbs and Fertilizer Pills achieve the goal of strengthening fat and strengthening body by deeply regulating the body’s digestion and absorption function and strengthening system.

The effect is obvious and solid.

The pill is formulated with Wang Dao prescription, the medicine is peaceful, the effect is excellent, the auxiliary is not dry, the disease is not uniform, the longevity is longevity, and it is the best of Chinese medicine to strengthen and strengthen the body, and there is no side effect.

銆€銆€After taking it for two weeks, it is obvious that the appetite is prosperous.

Full of energy.

The weight is increased.

Sleep well.

If you can eat without interruption.

Then everything is weak and weak.

I will do my best.

If you are not convinced, you will be afraid of two.

銆€銆€Ingredients: Codonopsis, Beidi, Yuanzhi, 鑼姪, malt, angelica, chicken inner gold, mountain slag, Atractylodes, rehmannia, Shouwu and so on.

銆€銆€Scope of application: male body is not strong, thin, cumulative temperament male partial eclipse, anorexia, stunting or congenital deficiency, young appetite, fatigue, lack of body, weak constitution, body weight loss, lack of charm of women after illness, facial yellow muscle thin, blood gasTwo losses, infertility caused by chronic illness and thinness.

銆€銆€Other causes of weight loss (physical examination can not cause weight loss).

銆€銆€Function: digestion and spleen, enhance physical fitness, promote development, brain and soothe the nerves.

銆€銆€Dosage: 1 time per adult, 6 capsules before going to sleep, do not interrupt, to ensure efficacy.

For children 4-8 years old, the amount of service is halved.

Children under 4 years old and pregnant women should not take it.