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Three steps to lock focus instantly become tender

Want to make your skin the focus of everyone’s envy?

The three basic steps of skin care can help you achieve this wish. Haven’t you found out with Xiaobian?

  Skin water retention will absorb the skin’s aging and become worse, so people with obese age have worse skin water retention.

If you can moisturize the skin a little bit by external moisturizing work, even if it is only temporary, not only will the skin texture be better, but it will immediately feel a lot younger.

So there are reasons why moisturizing products are sold every year.

  However, after purchasing moisturizing products, many people find that when they do a good job of moisturizing for half a day, the skin does not see tenderness. In fact, moisturizing is basically impossible. If you want to moisturize, you must master the following three steps: Wash your face to be gentle.I like black people to be a little bit greasy, or to wash the skin to astringent habitually, and some people believe that the skin must be thoroughly cleaned before it can breathe. These are not correct concepts.

Washing your face gently and moderately is the most important of all moisturizing work. If you wash too much, its practical microscope to observe the skin’s water-retaining film will often be washed out. In this case, even the best moisturizing is very difficult to achieve the best results.
  Recommended product: Four times silky whitening cleansing cream with affordable herbs: 25 yuan.

8 / 100g product introduction: Light and smooth foam, effectively removes the dirt, oil and old cuticles that dim the skin, purifies pores and brightens skin tone; skin-friendly silk plasma silk peptides and silk proteins help to replenish moisture and soften rough; sea buckthorn, Ginkgo biloba extract, nourish and condition deeply, improve dryness and dullness, and make skin white, smooth and elastic.

  Recommended reason: Chinese herbal medicines, which are unique to herbal medicine, allow the skin to reveal bright and beautiful skin from the inside out after conditioning.

The skin-friendly silk and sea buckthorn can effectively replenish the skin’s moisture, so that the skin can feel the moisturizing power in the first step.

  Recommended products: BOBBI BROWN Zhiyinghe Cleansing Cream Reference price: RMB680 / 200ml Product introduction: Transparent and rich cleansing cream with massage produces a thermal effect, quickly opens the pores of the face, removes deep makeup, cleans the skin into two, and at the same timeForms a protective film that locks in moisture for a moisturizing effect.

The faint sweet orange fragrance gives you the most special aroma treatment effect when washing your face. You can experience the feeling of HOME SPA at home.

Contains orange oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil, while effectively cleaning the skin, it provides fresh aroma therapy, relaxes and thoroughly moisturizes the skin.

Glycerin absorbs water molecules from the air and locks them into the deep layers of the skin, creating a thermal effect, promoting blood circulation and detoxifying effects.

The hydrophilic grease formula can be thoroughly cleaned immediately with warm water after massage; when you are traveling, it is not convenient to wash with warm water or occasionally you want to be lazy, then after cleaning the skin with a cleansing cream, wipe it with a paper towelcan.

  Recommended reason: the best deep cleansing cream, cleansing and cleansing combo!

The most amazing thing is that it makes you feel the thermal effect of SPA!

There is also a funny thing that lazy people must know. After using this cleansing product, if you occasionally do not apply a moisturizing cream, your skin will not feel dry.

  Abundant moisture refers to a lot of water and water such as lotion, moisturizing liquid, moisturizing gel, moisturizing essence, moisturizing mask and so on.

The reason why you still need moisture after cleansing is mainly because the skin’s water retention is reduced, and the amount of skin on the skin is insufficient, so it is necessary to give moisture to increase the accumulation of skin.

However, if you think about the skin, if the water retention is insufficient, it will increase the water’s brightness. However, if you ca n’t keep the water, it will be less than an hour or two, and the water will run out.Good skin.

Therefore, most people who want to regain their tenderness, basic milk and cream can also add some moisturizing essence.

  Recommended products: Neutrogena Water Moisturizing Deep Moisturizing Serum Reference Price: RMB169 / 30ml Product Introduction: Neutrogena launches the world’s first set of moisturizing series-“Water Moisturizing Moisturizing” hydrating and moisturizing products, focusing on young Asians
35 years old) Women with dry skin urgently need hydration!

Hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid: It carries 1000 times its own weight of water, providing a rich and hydrated environment for cells.

Olivem 1000: Similar to the interstitial structure of the cells, helps moisturizing essence penetrate deep into the skin.

Sepitonic M3: It is doped with three trace elements of copper / zinc / magnesium to increase cell energy and retain water for longer.

Experiments have proved that: provide sufficient moisture, nutrients and energy for the skin, help prevent skin moisture loss, and make the skin hydrated and transparent from the inside out.

  Recommended reason: Unique innovations will compress and stack millions of molecular weight hyaluronic acid to the skin, so that it can absorb about 1000 times its own weight of water, so that the epidermal cells will be filled again and wrinkles will be smoothed.

Daily supplementation, cells are naturally full and full.

  Recommended Product: AQUA SPRINA Reference Essence Reference Price: RMB260 / 30ml Product Introduction: Through massage effect, it works on dull skin caused by external damage such as dryness and decreased skin function.

While softening the skin, it effectively generates skin moisture, creating vibrant, transparent and beautiful skin from the inside out.

Every morning and evening, take an appropriate amount after washing the face (syringe nozzle 2?
3 times) In your hands, you don’t need to use any force, and use the power of your fingertips to massage and smear like a circle.

  Recommended reason: Do you feel familiar with the brand AQUA SPRINA?

In fact, in September of this year, it has officially replaced the previous AQUA Ya Ha Ya brand, targeting women in China aged 25 to 40.

Activate the self-regenerating fountain of skin and give the skin its beautiful power. This moisturizing effect is brought to you by this essence.
  Sufficient moisture For skin with poor water retention, if you want to lock the added water to prevent it from running away, the oil content is necessary, otherwise the water will evaporate to take away more moisture, and the skin will be drier, giving sufficient moistureTo lock in moisture, in addition to applying a thicker layer or a cream with a long-lasting moisturizing component, you can also choose to moisturize the mask 2 to 3 times a week.

  Recommended product: Dream makeup water and flower flower sleep mask Reference price: RMB179 / 120ml Product introduction: Magic mask that condenses the essence of moisture. After absorption, through gentle massage, water droplets can be easily absorbed by the skin within 5-10 seconds, bring to the skinThe skin is refreshed and refreshed with water, creating moisturized and vibrant skin.
After applying it, you can go to sleep directly without washing. It extracts the energy of natural flowers and high-moisturizing sodium hyaluronate. It brings moisturizing and nourishing skin to your skin in your sleep, and works with SC-glucose ingredients to effectively improve skin repair power.

An elegant fragrance that is thoughtful of the skin’s emotions, relaxes the skin, relieves stress, and makes the dreams sweeter. The skin is rejuvenated and revitalized the next morning.

  Recommended reason: the same brand of Amore Pacific, Dream makeup also has a very good sleep mask.

This mask continues the characteristics of the dream makeup pattern ingredients, contains the flower energy, and concentrates the supply of moisture essence on the facial skin.

  Recommended products: Clarins Hengrun Moisturizing Mask Reference Price: RMB360 / 75ml Product Introduction: Washable care mask, rich cream texture, comfortable application and wrapping degree, long-lasting application will not dry and clump.

It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to restore the skin’s ideal moisturizing environment and smooth out the fine lines caused by dryness. Even the eye area can be used with peace of mind. It is an urgent care option for dehydrated skin.

Apply on thoroughly cleansed skin and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, then wipe with toner on a cotton pad.

Recommended once or twice a week.

  Recommended reason: Clarins Hengrun moisturizing series is aimed at the four major structural levels of the skin. It perfectly blends the essence of unique rainforest plants with high-tech moisturizing. At the same time, it effectively repairs the skin’s protective barrier, promotes the internal moisturizing mechanism of the skin, and starts from the hydrolipid film to the dermis layer.The introduction of four layers of water replenishment, progressing from the surface to the inside and layer by layer, realizes the moisturizing mechanism of “outer water absorption, surface water lock, inner layer live water, and deep water storage”, which keeps the muscle bottom reservoir full.

With the essence of “Blue Water Elf” and cream treatments suitable for different skin types, the skin can resist the changes of the season, climate and environment. From the inside to the outside, it always shows a soft, smooth, healthy and transparent texture.