Couple Poached Beef

Couple Poached Beef

Fried ingredients: beef tenderloin (300 g), lettuce (100 g), celery, dried chili (10 g), pepper (3 g), garlic seasoning: Sichuan-style bean paste (10 g), sugar, salt, Pepper, cooking wine, soy sauce, starch oil cooking method will be sliced beef with starch, cooking wine, salt and a small amount of water to scrape the meat evenly, marinate for later use.

  Peel and wash the lettuce and cut into thin slices. Remove the old leaves from the celery, wash and cut them into sections; wash the onions and cut into the onion sections; wash the baby vegetables and set aside for use.

  Pour 30 grams of oil into a wok, add dried chili segments and peppercorns and fry over medium heat until brown-red, remove and set aside.

  Turn to high heat, add the spring onion to the wok and stir-fry, then add the lettuce slices, and stir-fry the fresh vegetables and spread them in a deep basin.

  Reheat the oil pan, add the minced Pixian bean paste and ginger fry until the red oil is fried, add the chicken soup and bring to a boil.

  Put the marinated pieces of meat in the pot and use chopsticks to disperse. When the pieces of meat are cooked until they discolor, add soy sauce, chicken essence, and sugar to taste.

  Pour the sliced meat and soup into a large bowl with vegetables, chop the minced garlic, sprinkle on the sliced meat, and drizzle with cooked oil.