Bedtime Skincare Become a Sleeping Beauty in Spring


Bedtime Skincare Become a Sleeping Beauty in Spring

Complete the nursing work before going to bed, then your sleep will be the process of your beauty, anti-aging, moisturizing, whitening and other tasks will become easier and more effective.

  Preliminary: Deep cleansing opens the way for skin Deep cleansing Make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed before any treatment.

Choose a cleansing oil or makeup remover to clean the skin. Use a mild cleanser to complete the “secondary cleansing”. Before the cleansing oil and makeup remaining on the skin surface are washed away.

Gently massage while exfoliating, awaken and fall asleep, stagnant circulation metabolism, you can also remove old skin keratin, by the way, remove the melanin on the surface, accumulate dirt, make the glass look brighter, and make the skin itself bright red blood color.Through it, external light can reflect a bright complexion.

  Step 2: Eliminate the toxins and solve the dull muscles. Firstly, wash the perfect camouflage of the face carefully. After gentle massage and exfoliation, excess toxins need to be discharged, such as those containing “lactic acid bacteria” beneficial bacteria and other ingredients.Rejuvenating cream eliminates skin endotoxins, strengthens skin defense, purifies metabolizing toxins, and resolves dullness that often occurs in the skin in autumn and winter.

  The third step: shrink pores + moisturizing sleep ceramic ceramic pores + moisturizing At this time, your drying and aging phenomenon has been gradually induced, with pores and dullness appear.

According to the survey, the skin problems that women over the age of 20 currently want to improve are enlarged pores, fine lines and sagging.

In particular, the pores are extremely crazy. During the night, after skin cleansing and conditioning, the pores are strengthened for skin care. Through efficient moisturizing cream and pore essence for pore treatment, the two tubes are separated to prevent the pores from continuously expanding.

Of course, it is recommended that you avoid staying up late, because the pores are easy to see after staying up late. As a good night maintenance beauty martyr, you are absolutely NG.

  Chanel Moisturizing Essence Reference Price: 465 yuan / 30ml Brand: Chanel Step 4: Exclusive Eye Mask Makes the Eyes Bright Exclusive Eye Mask is the most delicate part of the skin. If you want to hide your age, the eye area isWhere you need to be most concerned, just using basic eye cream every day is no longer enough to fight against your eye contour problems. Brighten up the eye mask. After applying it, you can stay overnight all around your eyes and let the inside slowly penetrate., Purify, awaken skin cells, so that the eye mask can achieve the elimination of dark circles, puffiness and other bright eyes.

  Step 5: Good night mask to seal the nutrients. The best job of good night mask is to enhance absorption. At the same time, the various maintenance ingredients in the mask can be located on the surface of the skin.The quilt on the top cover is ordinary, which accelerates the blood circulation of the skin, and at the same time quickly supplies the nutrients needed by the skin.

The mask can also be easily applied in the bath, because the pores are completely opened by the high temperature and steam, which can quickly nourish the damaged skin during the day.

You can also apply the mask evenly before going to bed, and then you can use massage to make the skin deeper and faster absorption.

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