Five Mistakes to Pay Attention to in Acupuncture Weight Loss

Five Mistakes to Pay Attention to in Acupuncture Weight Loss

[Introduction]Acupuncture weight loss is a traditional Chinese weight loss therapy, but it does not mean that it has magical mysteries.

Acupuncture to lose weight should also follow the basic way to lose weight, as well as its methods and skills.

If you want to try acupuncture to lose weight, don’t step into five misunderstandings.

  Misunderstanding of acupuncture weight loss One effect can be seen every day Sometimes acupuncture is used to lose weight. There will be such experience. Some people lose weight quickly, but some people slow.

  This is because acupuncture to lose weight is not to lose weight. In addition, it is the same for adolescents to lose weight.

The more you exceed the standard weight, the more adult content is, the more obvious the effect of acupuncture to lose weight.

  Some people are not overweight themselves, so the effect of weight loss is not so great.

The effect of weight loss is also related to whether the whole body loses weight. Some local weight loss, such as abdominal weight loss, has obvious effects but not obvious weight loss.

  In addition, the effect of weight loss is also related to the characteristics of the aunt, the soft aunt decreases quickly and obviously, the hard aunt is not effective.

  Any method of weight loss must be adjusted gradually, and everyone’s response to acupuncture is different, which requires continuous treatment.

  Acupuncture Weight Loss Misunderstandings 2 The more acupuncture needles are used, the better there are many beauty salons. The weight loss center will put 30 or 40 needles at a time. Customers also feel that a large needle is effective.

  In fact, acupuncture requires professional knowledge. It has rules and regulations, pays attention to the selection of acupoints. Those points that really have effect on weight loss are the other points that are useless.Bring bad consequences.

  Acupuncture Weight Loss Misunderstandings Three acupuncture needles are susceptible to infection. Acupuncture needles are very small. For the skin, ordinary acupuncture is very small wounds, and normal people’s body repair is generally fast.

  If it is not because of other broken infections, unless you attach a needle (a type of ear needle) to avoid water, other bodies have little effect on the time, and bathing and swimming are not a problem.

  Acupuncture Weight Loss Misunderstanding Four Can’t Wash Your Hair While Sticking Ear Acupuncture You can’t wash your hair while sticking ear acupuncture, otherwise you should be careful not to get your ears wet.

The reason why ordinary ear needles cannot be wet is because the adhesive tape loses its stickiness. If the needles are inserted, you need to avoid water, so you can try wearing ear muffs and washing your hair.

  Acupuncture Weight Loss Mistakes 5 Acupuncture Weight Loss Once and Forever Acupuncture Weight Loss is an adjustment to the body and requires a new state in repeated treatment and continuous strengthening.

  Doctors suggest that intensive and intensive treatment is generally required for more than three months (special obesity takes six months to one year), which is a process of slowly adjusting.

  When the treatment is stopped, the body weight can basically maintain a normal level for one to three years.