How to make Cordyceps sinensis more effective?

How to make Cordyceps sinensis more effective?

Chinese medicine believes that Cordyceps sinensis is the only traditional Chinese medicine that has both yin and yang tonic effect.

  The application of Cordyceps sinensis is not limited by seasons, and it can be taken as a tonic food or medicine all year round.

  Western medicine believes that Cordyceps sinensis is a natural treasure trove of compounds, and its most valuable medicinal effect is anti-gene mutation, also known as the anti-tumor effect.

  A large number of pharmacological studies have confirmed that Cordyceps sinensis has two-way regulatory effect on the immune system, has good antitumor effects, and can effectively improve the body’s material metabolism, such as regulating sugar metabolism, lowering blood lipids, regulating nucleic acid and protein metabolism, etc .; Cordyceps also has obviousAnti-free radical, anti-oxidation effect, regulate endocrine function, nourish yin and kidney and impotence, can resist aging, enhance memory, anti-hypoxia, anti-fatigue, improve exercise capacity, etc.

Studies have shown that Cordyceps sinensis has always been a good regulator and therapeutic effect on all major organ systems such as the respiratory system, kidneys, kidneys, blood system, circulatory system, and central nervous system.

  Cordyceps sinensis has a unique effect of replenishing yin and yang, making it not only have good health effects, maintain the body’s yin and yang balance, and make up for the deficiency and strength of the body as a whole, strengthen the body, health, prevent diseases, delay aging, but also treat manyDiseases, such as for the prevention and adjuvant treatment of tumors, especially for the successful completion of radiotherapy for cancer patients, the adjuvant effect of chemotherapy is far more than other therapies; moreover, it can be used for various liver diseases such as hepatitis, mild liver, liver fibrosisCordyceps sinensis can also be used for the treatment of various nephritis and kidney diseases; it also has excellent curative effects on respiratory diseases (such as hypertension, tuberculosis, etc.), cardio-cerebral vascular disease, diabetes, allergic diseases, neurasthenia, etc.
  Why didn’t eating Cordyceps eat any effect?

  Some consumers said that after taking Cordyceps, they did not experience the effect. This situation is usually due to the incorrect consumption of traditional Cordyceps, such as soup, decoction, tea, and wine. AlthoughIt can also absorb some of the essence, but the effect is not ideal. Heating and stewing will cause the loss and destruction of many essences in Cordyceps, and it is also very inconvenient to eat.

Studies have shown that many essential substances in Cordyceps sinensis, such as Cordyceps, Cordycepin, Cordyceps polysaccharides, impurities, proteins, proteins and more than 40 kinds of volatile substances, will denature when the temperature is higher than 60 ℃, and the efficacy of Cordyceps sinensis will be significantly reduced.

  Experts point out that normal temperature raw clothing is the most medicinal value of Cordyceps sinensis.

  Insufficient dosage and time The Chinese Pharmacopoeia clearly states that the dosage of Cordyceps needs to be 3-9 grams per day, and less than 3 grams is basically ineffective. Only this amount requires about 10 Cordyceps of ordinary size.

  Moreover, because the human body has a limited absorption rate of Cordyceps sinensis, it must be sufficient and adhere to the time (3-6 months) to be effective.

  Individuals have different physical conditions and different feelings. For healthy people who have not corrected their symptoms, taking Cordyceps Sinensis, although many people will not have obvious feelings, but unknowingly, their physique and physical state will gradually adjust to the optimal state of yin-yang balance.Increased physical strength, not easy to get sick, the incidence of some chronic diseases, especially tumors and other diseases will also be significantly reduced.

  For those who have obvious symptoms of discomfort, after taking Cordyceps sinensis, they will notice the improvement of their physique, instead of often becoming tired and weak, their physical strength will increase, and they will no longer catch colds and illnesses.

With the gradual adjustment of physical fitness and physical condition, the improvement of this autonomous symptom will gradually decrease, and even some people will feel that “there is no longer any effect”. In fact, this is because the physical condition has improved to a better level, soThere will no longer be obvious causes of spontaneous symptoms. At this time, maintenance should be adopted to improve the state of the body.