One pound less fat in one hour of yoga

One pound less fat in one hour of yoga

First, we must have a firm willpower to eliminate interference from all forces.

Be sure to hold your mouth with willpower and reject all high trace and high purity food.

I have been fat since I was a child. I remember that my aunts saw pinching my face and exclaimed “So cute”, but once they reach puberty, they are ugly.

With the support and encouragement of my family, I made up my mind to lose weight and rejected all junk food.

  My weight-loss plan is in the summer.

Summer is the best time to lose weight. Looking at the beautiful and beautiful eyebrows on the street wearing hot fashion, your determination to lose weight will never be shaken.

And the summer heat often makes people’s appetite replace the lowest point, and it is natural to turn a blind eye to fried foods and high-conversion fatty meats.

Eat more fruits, some vitamins necessary for the human body and a small amount of cellulose can be found in fruits, and our healthy body also depends on them.

Put a variety of fruit oil-free salads or jams in the refrigerator at any time.

You can make fruit meals as you like, fruits are safe and healthy without complications.

Eat more oranges, citrus can inhibit the effect of inhibiting the formation.

  Cold vegetables are not burdensome and can cool down the heat, killing two birds with one stone.

Stir-fry with healthy, low-calorie olive oil and less salt.

By combining fruits and vegetables, the skin will not lose water and lose elasticity due to dieting.

  I insist on doing yoga for an hour every day. I can sweat and not be tired, and I can cultivate my sentiment.

  Drink a small glass of red wine every day.

Tannin contained in red wine can effectively help digestion, and also has anti-oxidant function, so that the shape will not bloat and change with the passage of time.

It is said that you can easily say 5 pounds of meat by drinking a cup before going to bed every day.

  Drink honey and water every day to detoxify your stomach.

  Consciousness decides everything, rejects high-energy french fries, hamburgers . I implemented it in just 20 days according to the plan, lost a full 10 kg of weight, and the weight loss plan was a complete success!

Slender waist, abdomen at the fracture . Everything is very satisfying!

No more excessive shadows, sunny breeze, everything is so beautiful .