What are the 5 major dietary recipes for spleen-qi deficiency?

What are the 5 major dietary recipes for spleen-qi deficiency?

How much food is there for your temper, but do you know what are the recipes for qi deficiency?

Today, Xiaobian will give you an inventory of food therapy recipes that can regulate spleen deficiency. Let ‘s take a look.

  There are some recipes for tempering qi deficiency, including lily porridge, lily, lotus seeds, and barley each in the same amount, seasoned with porridge, seasoned with rock sugar or sugar.

  2, the previous rice porridge 50 grams of previous rice, 10 grams of raisins, with the right amount of water to cook the previous rice to nine mature, add raisins, and cook together until rotten.

  3, 10g of shiitake mushroom beef soup is well soaked, 30g of lean beef is first wrapped with flour noodles. After the soup is boiled, add shiitake mushrooms, and then dial into beef slices. At the same time, add the appropriate amount of MSG, salt, sesame oil, and boil.

  4. Fried shredded beef tripe potatoes, cooked shredded shreds of beef, 50 grams, 80 grams of potatoes (potato), shredded and washed with surface water to remove starch. After the pan is heated, add onion shreds and crushed garlic to add shredded potatoesStir-fry, add some beef broth and salt, MSG.

  5. Two pieces of fresh lentils with lentils stuffing, one piece of chicken, minced, add salt, monosodium glutamate, fresh ginger juice, and pepper water to make a filling, use wheat flour to make the skin, knead the buns, and place them in a cage.Steam for 20 minutes.