Germany’s weight loss accident experts say women have five bogey


Germany’s weight loss accident experts say women have five bogey

Guided: Obese people in the face of various ways to lose weight, there will always be no choice, the result will be put into another way to lose weight one by one to try to go, first focus on dieting, and started a “hand-to-hand combat” with themselvesHowever, the final effect is still not obvious, and it will cause confusion in the digestive system.

Then began to turn to diet pills, currently in many gyms, beauty salons and other places to lose weight, many of them contain fenfluramine, phentermine and other stimulants.

These diet pills have neither weight loss nor potential.

銆€銆€In July 1995, in the Rhine region of Germany, too many redundant women were keen to adopt a weight-loss capsule called 鈥渕agic medicine鈥?. As a result, six people died in succession, and one person was in a deep coma for several weeks.

Turning to this type of surgery, such as liposuction and weight loss, fat people are disappointed to find that surgery is not only expensive, but also not 100% sure. Complications after surgery are very common.

銆€銆€Women lose weight have five bogey face the wrong areas often encountered when losing weight and often make mistakes when losing weight, expert Singer proposed that women lose weight have five bogey: one bogey only eat one meal a day to reduce the accumulation of Singh said: “ManyThe woman thinks that if she doesn’t eat breakfast every morning, she only eats a little at noon, and eats a good meal at night. One day is equal to eating only one meal. This makes the series of eating a lot less than in the past, and the purpose of weight loss can be achieved. Actually,Not eating all day long actually increases appetite and has the potential to form a violent eclipse. We have found that women who only eat one meal grow faster.

He suggested that it is best to have a balanced diet, eat it early and at lunch, so as to avoid chronic unbearable dinner and overeating.

銆€銆€浜屽繉杩囧垎鐩镐俊浠g敤鑴傝偑銆€銆€鈥滃敖绠″競闈笂鏈夊緢澶氱浠g敤鑴傝偑鐨勯鍝侊紝浣嗗崈涓囦笉鑳界浉淇℃墍璋撯€樹笉鍚剛鑲€欑殑澶ц瘽锛屸€濊繖鏄潵鑷硶鍥借惀鍏诲瀹剁憺寰风殑蹇犲憡锛屸€滀笉鍚剛鑲鍝乀he label should also state that these things are not excluded.

Excluding aunt’s desserts often contain a lot of sugar to eliminate the lack of taste due to the absence of aunt, and these sugars can be converted into a lot of useless impurities.

Experts also pointed out that substitute aunt’s food often uses supplemental additives such as resins and gelatin.

In addition, in order to improve the viscosity and taste of the food, the salt used can also be used.

Therefore, people who plan to lose weight should still eat fresh food.

銆€銆€Three bogey continue to weigh, weighing experts pointed out that many women use too much energy to weigh every day, no need.

In fact, you should throw the pounds aside to the side, which will only increase psychological pressure and make you nervous. “What you need to do is to have a regular life, moderate diet, emotional optimism, and confidence in your body.”

It can be called once a week.

“Four bogey just want to lose weight, do not want to exercise this habit will make the weight loss effect greatly reduced.
鈥?Insist on participating in physical exercise is the most effective way to lose weight.

Experts point out that if a woman pays attention to exercise while losing weight, then strong muscles and reduced tenderness will occur simultaneously.

Exercise makes the muscles more symmetrical, and naturally increases the body’s energy consumption, because even when people are resting, the muscles will continue to burn variables.

銆€銆€Five bogey diet, lack of nutrition French women in order to lose weight, many people eat very simple things every day, such as a cup of coffee, a few biscuits is a breakfast, and a cup of milk, an oatmeal is a lunch.

This has led to a lack of nutrition in many people, and other problems, their calcium, protein and fiber are too little.

Singer pointed out that you should not eat simple foods for weight loss, but you should control your weight by changing your eating habits.

For example, use low-fat cooking to cook, choose restaurants that provide healthy food, and participate in activities that are not related to eating.

In short, we must ensure a balanced diet, and the quality of the meat is moderate. It cannot cause new troubles due to lack of nutrition.

Xiaobian Message: Losing weight is a gradual process, not that you want to lose weight, you can slim down immediately.

Therefore, when you lose weight, you should not be too anxious, worry or even reduce fat, and may also lead to some health problems.