Daughter is Dad’s last lover?

Daughter is Dad’s last lover?

Talk to friends about this topic: Why do dads prefer daughters?

They both thought without a doubt and put forward their points with confidence: this is why the opposite sex attracts.

Research evidence from scientists: The human body can emit a special smell that cannot be sensed by the human sense of smell. It has a great appeal to the opposite sex, and can improve the mental state of the opposite sex without knowing it, thus making the mood pleasant.

  If the proportion of women in an office is less than 30%, the productivity of men will drop by more than 20%.

American scientists also plan to carry female scientists in spacecraft.

However, the age of men and women must not differ too much, generally it is better to be no more than 15 years old.

The age difference between father and daughter is mostly over 20 years old.

This view is a bit problematic.

  Daughter is father’s last love?

  Some people think that the daughter is the last love of the father, and the father likes the daughter is the hard pursuit of the ideal lover.

Dad used to follow his own habit to make many wonderful fantasies about his lover, hoping that his lover would be as perfect as possible.

But there are no such lovers in real life, so Dad prefers daughters because she has or wants to make her have this quality.

But all daughters cannot have all the qualities that dads desire. Besides, dads just hope that their daughters will become phoenixes, and they will not deliberately cultivate their daughters’ qualities.

I think this kind of statement is hard to justify.

  The daughter’s father-in-law complex psychologist Floydfad believes that fathers are the guides, supporters and approvers of daughters’ femininity, and they have a great effect on the differentiation of children’s gender roles.

A common phenomenon in the daughter’s psychological development process is to start to split from the one-piece relationship with the mother around the age of 3, and to invest some emotions in the relationship with the father.

When the little girl was about 3 years old, her cognitive ability and independence had improved. At a turning point, her father was clearly found in her consciousness, so the daughter broke the relationship with her mother.

At this time, the girl will become coquettish, and is willing to be approached by her father, so that her father will be tender and charming.

Fathers have great attraction for girls: fathers give their daughters more novelty, stimulate and transcend conventional things, and give their daughters more passion.

Daughters are more willing to have fun with their father and pursue novel explorations.

Father is more charismatic and excites his daughter.

  Is there an answer?

  Father must have pinned on his children many ideals that he did not realize.

A father prefers a daughter or a son. The key is who obeys his arrangements most, so that he can get the most satisfaction.

Whether a girl is better with her mother or with her father is bound to be the best to her.

Those fathers who are indifferent to their daughters and never coax their daughters, their daughters will never take the initiative to approach him.

The son’s disobedience hurt his parents, but he is helpless.

The daughter is gentle and obedient and does things to please the parents.

Easier to win parents’ favor.

Therefore, fathers always prefer daughters, and even mothers are often moved by their daughters.