What corners of the body are easily overlooked by us

What corners of the body are easily overlooked by us

In life, all kinds of bacteria are ubiquitous and inseparable from us. We always see stitches in our bodies, which seriously threatens our health, and these bacteria multiply in our body when they seize the opportunity.These bacteria are often silently lurking in some corners that are easily ignored by us, causing a lot of diseases, so which corners of our body are easily overlooked by us?


In the elbow area, the skin in the front of the elbow is very thin and especially soft, and the superficial fascia is loose. We often ignore the elbow when taking a bath. Over time, a lot of dark-colored thick skin will appear here, soIt is easy to be mistaken for taking a bath and not cleaning it, which brings us into a very embarrassing situation.

  The horny layer on the top of the elbow is easy to thicken and peel, so we should take care of the elbow, bend or straighten the elbow, and rub it vigorously in the bath. You can exfoliate the elbow once a week, and thenApplying skin lotion will thoroughly cleanse our elbows.


Many people ca n’t reach their backs when taking a bath, often just flushing them with water, but the back is the place that sweats the most, it is easy to secrete a lot of oil, and washing with water is not clean.

  Over time, the back will become more and more itchy, and it will become more and more slippery due to excessive oil accumulation in the bath, and it will become more and more difficult to clean, and then a lot of small acne will develop, so thatWe are particularly troubled.

  How to get rid of back acne Acne on the back is mainly caused by excessive sebum secretion, too thick horny and incomplete cleaning will cause a large number of back acne.

  In this case, in addition to eating less irritating food, we must ensure adequate sleep, and we must pay attention to washing the skin in time after exercise, try to wear comfortable and breathable cotton clothes, change and wash frequently, and do not wear dryClothes, be sure to wait for clothes to dry thoroughly before you wear them.

  If you want to remove acne on your back, you must always take a bath. Bathing is the most primitive way to wash back toxins. The focus is to rub your back clean when you take a bath.Rub, otherwise it is easy to rub the acne and cause an infection.

  First of all, it is necessary to use a detoxifying mask and apply detox on the back. It is best to do it once a week.

  Then you should drink water often, because moisture is the most basic element of detoxification. Pay attention to your diet and try to eat less spicy things and don’t stay up late.

  In addition, we can also buy some more authentic bath salts, cream or dry granules. These bath salts have anti-inflammatory and exfoliating effects. They can be used for three consecutive days and then twice a week.Can help us remove back acne.


Belly umbilicals Everyone may have heard the rumor that the navel cannot be washed casually, and it is easy to get sick and cause stomach pain.

  In fact, this statement is wrong. As the dirt in the belly button accumulates more and more, bacteria will grow more easily. The belly button is connected to the internal organs of the body, and the skin in this part of the belly button is relatively soft.

  As long as we cover the towel with our fingers and wash gently every day when we take a shower, we must not dig it hard to avoid damaging the navel skin, which will bring us bad effects.


Toenail seams Many people only wash the feet or soles when washing their feet. Toenail seams are often ignored. In fact, there are many hidden bacteria in toenail seams. We should clean the toenail seams daily to avoid these.Bacteria lurk inside for a long time, triggering athlete’s foot.

  When we wash our feet, we can use sandstone to gently remove the horny material accumulated on the heel and toes, and each toe seam must be carefully rubbed with a bath towel. After washing, we must pay attention to drySo as not to breed more mold along the way.


We wash our face every day, even several times a day, but we only wash our nose once a long time, and some people have never washed our nose.

  The benefits of cleaning the nasal cavity are many. It can treat various nose-related diseases, such as sinusitis, rhinitis, non-allergic rhinitis and allergic rhinitis. At the same time, cleaning the nasal cavity can also treat common colds.

  Moreover, regular cleaning of the nasal cavity can also remove excessive nasal secretions, reduce the amount of allergens present in the nose, thereby reducing the number of pathogenic bacteria, provide moderate humidity and temperature in the nasal cavity, and improve the damaged nasal mucosa villi to restore their normalFunction to reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion and runny nose.

  These five places in your body are easily ignored by us. Over time, a lot of secretions and bacteria will accumulate, so we must pay attention to washing our elbows, backs, navels, etc. while taking a bath.Do n’t forget to scrub the toenails when washing your feet, and clean the nasal cavity when washing your face, which is good for our body.