Romance is found in the rigor of German castles


Romance is found in the rigor of German castles

In many people’s impressions, Germany is rational, and “romantic” is not in the side, and suddenly it is properly translated as “German.”

銆€銆€In fact, it is only a stereotype that people are determined to be “stereotyped” by the Germans.

I experienced a lot of romantic factors in the most prestigious ancient castle tour in Germany, dotted in this rigorous country.

銆€銆€The Daffodil Palace classifies the Daffodil Palace by window, except in the suburbs of Munich, a major town in southern Germany.

The entrance to the old castle is a spacious square. The center of the square is a pool. The blue waves are rippling, and the swans are in groups, swinging with white wings.

The air is filled with freshness, making people feel smug.

銆€銆€However, the introduction of the tour guide to the castle building made me immediately think of the solemnity of this old house, or strict.


He pointed to the building of a building facing a tourist. “From bottom to top, the windows of each floor are different in size.”

The first floor (not the next base floor, which needs to be up to the stairs) is the bedroom of the old master-Marquis couple, the window is the largest; the second floor is the bedroom of their child, the window is smaller than the first floor; the third floor isThe tutor’s residence has smaller windows; the smallest window is the servant’s room, on the top floor.

The Daffodil Palace was built in the 18th century. A portrait of a painting in the foyer shows that the owner was once an electorate of the 18th century.

The election of the emperor is a bit like what we call the “princes”, the king of the party, the electors of the various places meet regularly, and the emperor is elected.

銆€銆€Enter the gate, the first room on the left is the guest waiting room.

The host meets strict rules. When facing the “next-class” guests, the host will not go out to meet in person.

There was a delicate bell on the corner of the waiting room, and the bell rang, indicating that the owner is now free to see you.

銆€銆€After the Fearless Palace flirts, the Garden Daffodil is not only the residence of the Electoral, but also the place to summon the Minister and discuss the country.

When something is found, the election will call the minister, nothing to find, but also the ministers, what are you doing?

Participate in court activities.

銆€銆€Concerts for a while, readings for a while, playing cards indoors, cascading hunting, court life is always full.

It is said that this is the deliberate purpose of the kings, that is, to let the ministers “play” to breathe, so that they have no time and energy to engage in “conspiracy.”

銆€銆€However, the architectural style of the castle has left a certain space for the ministers, even the king himself to “drill the empty space” – almost every castle, the palace’s “backyard” is very spacious, can not see the side, there are manyThe elegant “sexual angle” of the environment.

Doctoral guides who have studied European history have kept reminding us that the back garden is the best place to “freak”. Two people are inside and looking for it.

At that time, the royal aristocrats, flirting with the mistress seemed to be a fashion.

銆€銆€Speaking of the back garden, the most beautiful is the Potsdam’s king’s summer palace 鈥淲orry-free Palace鈥? also known as Sanssou Palace.

Potsdam is located in the southwest of Berlin, surrounded by forests and lakes, and is known as the “Versailles of Germany”.

In the mid-18th century, the King of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm II, spent two years building the entire garden and palace of the Sanssouci Palace.

The 鈥渂ack garden鈥?is verdant, with green grass and wide lakes. This past private garden is now almost open to visitors from all over the world, and it has become the location for many brides to take wedding dresses.

銆€銆€Heidelberg is the rebellious town of Heidelberg, the most traditional town in Germany, with the oldest university in Germany. Goethe, Mark Twain, Schumann and other celebrities have lived here.

銆€銆€The Nike River bends from Heidelberg in a curved circular shape, standing on the side of the river, and standing on the mountainside stands the remains of a stone-built castle. Although most of it has collapsed, the uncarved ruins are more real.charm.

銆€銆€Ranking the castle’s architecture, the story of the castle is more tempting.

Built in the 17th century, it was a “birthday gift” from a German electorate to her 18-year-old wife.

The bride is from the United Kingdom, named Elizabeth, and the most spectacular arch in the old castle is named after her.

The electorate loved his wife too much. He even changed his belief in the religious beliefs, converted to Protestantism, and became a king of a Protestant neighbor. This is a blatant announcement of the clearing of the Catholic King of Prussia.limit.

Soon, the king gathered other princes to levy Heidelberg, and the electorate who “betrays love” eventually died in his hometown.

銆€銆€It is said that France is the home of wine, but the world’s largest wine barrel is in Heidelberg.

This large wine barrel is made of 130 oak and can hold up to 4.

90,000 gallons of wine.

It is said that some dwarves have guarded this barrel. He is the most drinker in Germany.At that time, Heidelberg was once a military town, and the barrels were filled with the “power springs” of the sergeants.

銆€銆€The German travel TIPS 鈼?flight Lufthansa flight is Germany’s largest flight. There are Lufthansa flights between every two major cities in Germany. Currently, there are direct flights to destinations, Munich and other big cities.

銆€銆€鈼?Intercity traffic Germany’s intercity train network is very developed. Traveling by train to Germany is the first choice for many tourists. It is cheap and good, and can be easily driven. The general railway station is located in the downtown area.

Need to be reminded that Germany’s intercity express is divided into several grades, the highest grade of trains can reach an average speed of 250 kilometers per hour, only half a day of effort, you can cross more than half of Germany.

銆€銆€鈼?City traffic Like a big city like Berlin, public transport is the best choice. It is cheaper and more time-saving to take the subway.

In order to avoid traffic interruptions, local citizens would rather use bicycles instead of cars. Visitors only need to buy a 鈥渨elcomecard鈥? a transportation card, to carry various public transportation tools.

If you don’t check the ticket on the train, you should rely on your own consciousness. If you find the evasion ticket, the consequences will be serious.

Many cities in Germany have Chinese restaurants, but don’t think that it can save money for eating Chinese food. A cooking dish costs 20 euros. To eat like a decent, 30 euros per person is indispensable.

The official Western food is also the price.

The cheapest is a fast food like a cola and a burger, and a few euros will do.

The catering style in Germany is monotonous, but the volume is particularly large.

Not afraid to eat enough, I am afraid that it will be broken.

銆€銆€鈼?Shopping Zwilling knives, Swiss army knives are well-known goods in Germany, but unless you encounter special discounts, these two things can be converted into renminbi in Germany, and the domestic is similar.

It is another small thing that is generally sold in the knife monopoly – metal soap, which is not seen in China, is a good gift.

In addition, pharmacies can sometimes find health products that are not visible in the country, and some anti-stretch marks.