How to build muscles for beginners

How to build muscles for beginners

People often admire the athlete’s strong muscles when watching bodybuilding shows or bodybuilding photos.

Especially thin people, they are eager to have a strong physique.

Bodybuilding is a scientific exercise. The rest, diet, and training methods of bodybuilders during training are crucial.

  The so-called robustness mainly refers to the thick trunk and extremities of the human body, and the muscles are strong, giving a full body feeling.

Conversely, thin people have a narrow trunk, length, waist and abdomen dryness, crossed limbs, and lean muscles, giving people a sense of weakness.

However, metabolism is the essence of life, and development and growth are the characteristics of life. Thin people can strengthen their metabolism and strengthen their body through physical exercise.

  We know that after exercise stimulation, you can make muscle fibers thicker and increase muscle volume to make people stronger.

So how can practice speed up this process of change?

In order to make muscles grow rapidly, it is necessary to apply muscle stimulation to muscle fibers for muscle strength training. The main methods include dynamic training, concession training and static training.

Two laws, dynamic and static, are usually used.

Dynamic training refers to the lengthening of muscles when they contract, that is, the muscles do restraint work.

The static training method refers to the same length when the muscle contracts, that is, maintaining a certain posture.

Both methods can be achieved by overcoming or maintaining a load such as a barbell, dumbbell or own weight.

At the beginning of training or when the conditions are limited, you can overcome or maintain your own weight for muscle strength training, such as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, jumps in place, etc., to strengthen muscles and increase strength, and then carry weight increases.Exercises, such as squatting with a bell, bench press, etc.

Generally, we recommend that beginners (1-3 months) carry out strength training for 3-4 days a week, and then properly combine a day of aerobic exercise. It is best to practice 3-4 parts a day, 2-4 for each

  The specific method of weight-bearing exercises is: the weight of the load is 40-60% of the maximum weight you can reach, repeat 8-12 times for each group, and exercise 2-4 groups, with each group interval 1-5 minutes.

When a load weight can be repeated 12 times, it is necessary to increase the load weight to a weight that can only be repeated 8 times.

During the initial training, you can replace the lower limit in the above-mentioned index range, and then gradually increase the number of exercise groups and load weight to extend the interval time.

The static exercise load weight is 80-90% of its own maximum load. Exercise 2-4 groups, each group 1-2 times, each time is 6-10 seconds, each group is about 3 minutes apart.

  What is particularly outstanding is that strength training can increase the content of muscle glycogen, myosin, and actin in muscles.

It can increase muscle strength and increase the volume of muscle mass. However, there must be excess nutrients as a material basis for muscle growth.

For example, the 57 kg champion Wang Bijuan of the National Women’s Bodybuilding Championship ate 20 egg whites, 4 big apples, and 0 during bodybuilding training.

5 kg of high-protein foods such as chicken breast or beef, catfish and 0.

5 kg oatmeal, bread and 0.

5 kg of pasta.

Of course, most people do not need so many nutrients for muscle training, but after a certain weight of muscle is stimulated, muscle fibers will be slightly damaged and lactic acid will be produced. At this time, we need to add protein, which will supplement muscle fibers and promote muscle growth.

As long as we stick to exercise and a scientific diet every day, we will have a strong physique.