Tears help you prevent dry eye

Tears help you prevent dry eye

Our eyes, especially the cornea, often have continuous lacrimal glands to supply water. By blinking, the tears become a “tear sheet” and spread to the cornea to keep the eyes comfortable.

Otherwise, it is very easy to get dry eye.

It takes about the same time to produce and evaporate tears, so whether the lacrimal glands can produce enough tears is one of the key factors in preventing the occurrence of dry eye.

  ”Tear film” is divided into three layers, the outermost layer is oily, the middle layer is water-based, and the innermost layer is viscous.

Under normal circumstances, the liquid content of these three layers is equal.

If unevenness occurs, for example, the combined part of one layer is insufficiently liquid, a “dry spot” will appear on the corneal surface of the eye, and finally dry eye disease will form.

  The “tears” are disturbed, and initially the eyes become dry. This is only a minor effect. If not treated, it can cause chronic inflammation and red eyes.

Eventually, the tip of the cornea gradually loses, becomes opaque, and vision is impaired.

If you are seriously ill, you can cause blindness.

The common symptoms of patients with dry eye are “dryness, itching of tears, trachoma sensation, burning sensation, pressure on the eyes, tiredness, sensitivity to light, and eyelashes and eyeball adhesions when blinking.

  What causes dry eye?

There are many factors that can cause dry eye, including: after middle age, the eyes reduce the production of tears; eye alignment such as corneal degeneration, blepitis, trachoma (granuloconjunctivitis), etc .; various causes such as rheumatoid arthritis,Mikulic syndrome (chronic enlargement of lymphocytic lacrimal and salivary glands), polyarthritis, lupus erythematosus, and Sjegren’s syndrome (mostly in middle-aged or elderly women, also known as xerostomia arthritis syndrome(The effects of pollution, such as extreme heat, dry wind, cold air, etc., such as dust, smoke, etc .; work continuously against the computer screen; long-term use of certain eye drops, such as vasoconstriction eye drops.

  It’s important to remind everyone that when you focus on your work or work in front of a computer screen supplemented by God, you blink less.

It is recommended that you blink more often to ensure that the “tear film” can disperse moisture into the cornea and prevent the eyes from drying out.