Black strange action fitness fun _1

Black people have a lot of fun and fitness

Playing sports, aerobics, dancing, boxing, etc. are all familiar fitness methods. Here are some strange fitness methods.

Don’t look at them strangely, it is very good for our body.

  Running on the sand: more whiter running on the sand can stimulate the soles of the feet.

Jogging on the fine grain of sand can stimulate adrenal tissues, promote hormone secretion, and make the skin fair and shiny.

And it is best to choose after the hot bath, because the foot after the hot bath is more sensitive to the transmission of “signal” in the body.

  Reminder: In addition to sand, smooth pebbles are also a good choice.

  Inverted: Decompression of an organ is an inverted posture for the human body.

When the head of each body is inverted, the pressure on the organs is weakened or eliminated, and the muscles in some parts are loosened, and the blood quickly flows to the head.

It can improve the preventive effect on various diseases caused by the cause, improve blood circulation, enhance visceral function, and improve the fitness effect of relaxed muscles.

  Reminder: 1.

Ask someone for help at the beginning.


It’s really difficult to complete. Don’t force it.


Be careful not to hurt your hands.


Cardiovascular disease should not be performed to prevent accidents.


Patients with glaucoma, high myopia, diabetes, or retinal vascular disease should exercise caution because of increased intraocular pressure due to handstand.

  Crawling: A good helper for pregnant women for a long time makes it easy for the human body to induce cerebrovascular disease and spine and lumbar muscle strain.

In particular, moderate crawling in pregnant women can enhance the strength of the abdominal muscles and prevent dystocia. Postpartum crawling is conducive to uterine reduction.

  Reminder: 1.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing when crawling.


You can wear a knee pad for your blood pressure.


Climbing speed should be slow and climbing speed should be small. Repeat 2?
3 times at intervals of 20?
30 seconds.

  Hang upside down: relax your joints with your feet on single, parallel bars, or other fixed shelves, and put it upside down to treat back pain, sciatica, arthritis, etc.

  Reminder: 1.

It is not appropriate to take too long.


Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should not perform this exercise.


People with glaucoma and high myopia should not perform this exercise.