German old children’s style summer camp


German old children’s style summer camp

Many people think that the summer camp is a teenager, but the long-lived summer camp in Suttonburg, Germany is an exception. The participants are long-lived old people who are over 80 years old.

銆€銆€The longevity summer camp is full of activities, and the most important thing for the old people to study is the exchange of “longevity.”

Some of them say that they have quit smoking and alcohol, and some think it is very important to maintain a spiritual pursuit after entering the ageing stage.

A 92-year-old man attributed his longevity to him. He spent 10 minutes every day on the roof of his house (because he planted a lot of flowers on the roof). although the experience of the old people is in the eyes of experts.It is not wonderful, and there may even be scientific reasons, but the old man feels “inspired.”

銆€銆€Realizing that social interaction with young people can promote the 鈥減sychological age鈥?of the elderly to become young, and the elderly health scientist Dr. Schumann (the organizer of the summer camp) also specifically asked three of the campers to invite their respective 鈥渇orgetting the year鈥?and theirLet’s talk about the beautiful and beautiful friendship together.

銆€銆€”Learning to do something that has never been done” also makes the old people eager to try.

For the first time, a 95-year-old woman learned to start a computer. A 92-year-old man went swimming for the first time. Others learned to play the piano, weave, and graft the plants for the first time.Old man.
銆€銆€The 90-year-old retired teacher, Mr. Milton, has a cardiovascular function like a 50-year-old middle-aged person. He is optimistic that if you continue to maintain a scientific lifestyle, living to 100 is not a problem.

The final “life prediction” (actually a comprehensive physical examination) makes most campers full of confidence in the future of life.