Study finds people with low body temperature live longer

Study finds people with low body temperature live longer

Those who always feel cold may laugh last, because according to a new study, they are destined to live longer.

The Times of India reportedly cited a study published in the recently published issue of Aging that researchers at the University of Washington St. Louis School of Medicine have found that low body temperature is associated with twisted life.

  They also found that people who ate too much had better body temperatures than people who ate too much.

They suspect that hormonal changes lead to reduced energy and conversion, which slows metabolism and thus prolongs life.

In order to invent longevity pills, the road was leveled.

  These new discoveries are based on decades of animal research, including studies on the relationship between extreme animal feed and animal longevity.

For example, a 30% reduction in transformation in a laboratory mouse would cause it to live 50% longer than normal.

  Scientists are trying to rule out the approximate point of drought. At this time, a pill can be invented to mimic dramatic changes without dieting. The latest research looks at how to reduce the impact of core body temperature.37 degrees, generally higher than the skin surface temperature.

  They also gave one person a normal diet and the other group a long distance runner.

People who eat calorie-restricted foods are found to have a higher temperature in their bodies.

  ”People who limit the universe have an average body temperature of about 0.

At 2 months, this appeared to be a proper cooling, and these two long-term observations of long-lived, calorie-restricted mice.

“Chief scientist Louis Gifontana said.

  ”We are also interested in the endurance of athletes, the same age and the same lean, but there is no decrease in body temperature.

“He said.

“We know that people on diet-restricted diets generally feel cold because their metabolic levels are lower and their temperature is lowered.

“Louis Gifantana said that it is not yet certain how the conversion will be reduced or other similar treatments can lower the body temperature.

But he believes that lowering body temperature is the key to longevity.