Student hacks professor to provoke hot psychological issues that need to be channeled

Student hacks professor to provoke hot psychological issues that need to be channeled

Recently, the “China University of Political Science and Law student Fumou hacked professor” incident occurred across the country. This campus tragedy has once again sparked heated discussions on the intervention of young people’s psychological crisis.

The focus of the discussion is why a student who usually seems extremely normal would suddenly commit a crime?

For such students, why is it difficult to complete a general psychological crisis intervention program?

  At “China University of Political Science and Law”, a netizen who claimed to be Fu Chengli confirmed: “He usually has a cheerful personality and is a cadre in a school community. He is very capable and is not like a murderer.

“There is a student on a BBS in a university in Shanghai who thinks:” Some of my classmates in the school nowadays have no close friends and are lonely.

I think Fu Chengli may be the same.

There is a long-term backlog of depression in my heart. One day, there will be two kinds of results, one is suicide, and the other is the jade burn . What should the teacher do at school?

“Xie Xie, a junior in computer science at Shanghai University, told reporters:” Those students who have had psychological problems can heal from their usual expressions. We can avoid dangers as long as we hide away; but now it is different. SomeNormally normal students may also belong to people with psychological problems.

If they do hurtful things, they really can’t prevent it.

“How can students detect and interfere with students who can’t seem to have psychological problems?

Yan Hong, director of the Psychological Counseling and Service Center of Donghua University, said: “This incident shows that there should be awareness of the” recessive “psychological problems of college students.

The so-called “recessive” psychological problem refers to a phenomenon that is normal on the surface, but actually has certain psychological obstacles, which may erupt after long-term accumulation.

Yan Hong admits that because these people are usually no different from ordinary people, it is not easy to find them.

In order to avoid extreme behavior, it is more important to provide them with early intervention.

  Yan Hong said that in fact, many people have a “devil” in their hearts. The key is how to release it.

In other words, no matter who it is, we should encourage communication with others as long as there is something unpleasant in our hearts.

To achieve this, society should create a reduction in humane care so that everyone feels recognized; meanwhile, less encouragement and respect should be given to students who are willing to receive psychological counseling and treatment.

People need to face: It is not shameful to have psychological problems, they should be detected early and resolved as soon as possible.

  Liu Mingbo, director of the Psychological Counseling Center of Fudan University, said: “For students with potential psychological problems, especially those who hurt or self-harm, multi-departmental collaboration is required to work together and strive to find out as soon as possible.

In order to avoid extreme behaviors, we must first promote the scientific management of emotions among students; secondly, we must promote mutual respect between people; thirdly, we must provide students and teachers with knowledge on the identification and intervention of a wide range of psychological crises; andEvery student finds a close friend, so that any person can get care and help when they are in a state of emotional surge.

“Because this incident came from the University of Political Science and Law, a future legal worker turned out to be a murderer, and it caused people to think more.

Zhang Haiyan, director of the Psychology Center of East China University of Political Science and Law, believes that every student should be encouraged to receive psychological counseling. Students in law majors are also humans. There are also the most difficult times, and at this time someone must intervene.

Therefore, I hope that every teacher and classmate will take the responsibility of “psychological counseling”.

Everyone has “hidden” psychological problems, and sometimes they may not need a professional, but even more need to have a friend.